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The Mystery of Money Making on Cyberspace.

Posted on: Juli 19, 2008

I have no feel likes thunder in the lunch time while somebody screaming me… hi grandpa you looks too old to blogging. How could you do that?
Oh yeah …you really don’t want to know. I just write notepad what I want to tell the story on my blog.

At the beginning somebody told me that he have a site which could bring him money.
Yes its easy just manage a site then subscribe to affiliate internet marketing.

He said, yes gonna to work just couples hours……..then you might check your bank account…bla…bla..bla
That is the main idea. Soon I am learning to have my own site and by now I have my blog on wordpress.

But it had not been brought me money…unfortunately.
Right now still depend to have money I think that I am just ordinary grandpa but dreaming to be a rich. I am dreaming to be an extraordinary man.
I say deep on my mind how to find out the
secret internet marketing businesses.
Do you want to know the secret? So Am I…..he…he.

But here before I tell the story you might remember my happy feels just day by day.

Yes I have four grandson and five granddaughter Some time in the morning I am jogging and they have joint behind me in numeric formatting. My family seem like a soccer team…that’s funny… You can count all person. Grandpa plus grandma and my nine grandsons.

I have no story about success to earn money by selling personal capability in ads at either cyberspace internet marketing or mailing industry.
But it’s really understandable that more and more peoples just surfing to find out the secret to make money.
Even if you have much more information about tools or software of internet marketing, Ok wait please. Might I make you refresh and relax?

I have an inside story. I will tell you about The Mystery of Money Making Netter….woo…Once upon before the time being is running meanwhile the baby still live at mama paradise.
All of us cloth with dollars, many dollars in the right hand and again dollars in left hand the baby catches fist full of dollars
But in mama paradise there is regulation too! Hard restriction wrote by capita letter;
do not show yours money out side gate……You must know what I mean by that gate.
Some time in seventy seven day at mama paradise its make baby rather confused.
I have lot money but I couldn’t spend to buy anything.
Then…baby pushes her mind to sliding out of mama gate thoroughly.
She brings much more dollars …of course.
Hukhukbalukumbaaaang…What happen!!!! The dollars disappears, eat by light while passed out mama gate….absorbs by energy.
That is why baby cry and cries.aaaaaaeeee….aaaaaaaeeee…aaaaaaeeee#^&**(#$
She gets lost money…. The dollars gone to the cyberspace.Psssst be silent please……my little granddaughter sleep heavenly…..

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