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About Prewriting : You could see what you think.

Posted on: Juli 24, 2008

What is the great idea that you want to campaigning on your blog? To choice words what style did you want to make sentences should have word feeling, appreciate and feeling nicely by your readers.
I think all of us had different techniques to explore ours abstractive mind into the written ideas. Its just like the dancer explores their body act to become a choreography have limitation of axle pattern.
Same as to explore your mind expressed into written idea have limitation of vocabulary. But if you could compare when you think what you see, that is different than if you see what you think.

The result is your feeling more free than before to write an article in English what you want to campaigning on your blog. I have mentioned this just to whom who speak Bahasa like me. I know you can speak Bahasa fluently. But did you could writing smartly your ideas to created an article even in Bahasa too. Your didn’t sure about that. Aren’t you?

Meanwhile you want to create an article in English, I think we agree how difficult to translate the article in Bahasa into English concern to understandable meaning word as same “feeling” as your mother tongue. You jailed by yourself that you do not have enough vocabulary to write in English.
Unfortunately, some of us like me try to think as like as others people who speak English as their mother tongue. There are different cultures background in which make differences how to expressed their mind. That is a solution better you set your mind in English nor in Bahasa.
So don’t see your computer monitor screen because it could be lost ideas, getting out of your mind. If you watching screen while you are writing, it’s mean you have think what have seen.
The right way, of course just on my opinion, turn off your monitor then you could see what you thing about your ideas. But first of all you might learn techniques how to manage those ideas.
Honesty I often bore when I could not regenerated my words than become feel stuck. But sometimes I am joking and say to my self, “don’t worry you have a magic spell… “hukhukbalukumbaaaang”….it happen my word just coming flow again…

Next you can follow an compelete article about prewriting follow to the link bellows

The important think is how to learn about prewriting.

Prewriting exercises provide structure and meaning to your topic and research before you begin to write a draft. Using prewriting strategies to organize and generate ideas prevent a writer from becoming frustrated or “stuck.” Just as you would prepare to give a public speech on note cards, it is also necessary to write ideas down for a rough draft. After all, your audience is counting on a well-organized presentation of interesting facts, a storyline, or whatever you are required to write about. Prewriting exercises can help you focus your ideas, determine a topic, and develop a logical structure for your paper.

Prewriting Exercises
Brainstorming: It’s often helpful to set a time limit on this; plan to brainstorm for ten minutes, for example. This will help you focus and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. This is especially helpful when you’re still trying to narrow or focus your topic. You’ll start with a blank page, and you’ll write down as many ideas about your topic as you can think of. Ask yourself questions as you write: Why am I doing this? Why do I like this? Why don’t I like this? What is the most interesting thing about this field or issue? How would my audience feel about this? What can we learn from this? How can we benefit from knowing more? When time is up, read over your list, and add anything else that you think of. Are there patterns or ideas that keep coming up? These are often clues about what is most important about this topic or issue.

Another resource like Katherine Ploeger, M.A., M.F.A. says

Prewriting is one of the most important stages of the writing process, in addition to revision. Unfortunately, many beginning (and some advanced) writers don’t spend enough time on these activities, and so the writing is more difficult than it needs to be.Prewriting involves all the activities needed to prepare for the first draft, starting with that first flash of a book idea, all the way to a complete outline. The prewriting process (at least as I have experienced it) has several steps, each with a few techniques that make the step easier to get through.

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So yes, prewriting exercises can help to focus on ideas, determine a topic, and develop a logical structure for your paper.But prudently be trapped by style becomes stereotype…. 🙂

Impressive site, where did you obtain the template?

Thanks a lot. Template widget named ALBEO by Elena G. Its belong to

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